Core Values

1) We want you to know and experience God in your own life.

Whether you’re at a Sunday service, a midweek small group, or a practical study like what God says about money and your finances, we want you to experience God personally. Much of what we do is to make that experience meaningful. We teach in a way that we hope you would learn how to study the Bible on your own. We give practical exercises most weeks so you can apply what we learned on Sunday. We teach people how to hear God in their own lives. We encourage people to take a step of faith and trust that God can and will use them in someone else’s life. We think there is nothing more exciting than God inviting you to partner with Him. We want to foster an environment where God can equips you for the works He has already prepared for you. (1 Peter 2:9; 2 Cor. 3:4, 17-18; Proverbs: 1; Psalms: 1; James 1:22-25; Ephesians 2:10)

2) We desire to be a community where people can be real and vulnerable.

The worship services that people talk about the most in our community are the services where we stopped what we were doing and ministered to someone directly in our body. Maybe someone is struggling with fear, or a health issue, or in major need of guidance. We believe that God can minister greatly in that time to that individual through all of us. It’s amazing the ways we have seen God intervene in people’s lives answering our prayers for a friend/family. It’s also amazing to be a part of that time and watch God use many in our congregation to bless someone. We don’t believe that God only uses pastors… we believe that God’s uses each member of his body to minister. People feel the freedom to be honest and say, I’m struggling with depression. We don’t feel that an admission like this is weakness, we feel that an admission like this enables God to move and change the circumstances. (Romans 12:15; I Corinthians 13)

3) We desire to be Spirit led. We believe that Jesus is the head of the Church.

While the staff seeks the Lord throughout the week and gets direction from Him about what Sundays should look like, there are times when God’s Spirit is moving in a different direction. Our service is fluid and flexible. If something is happening in the room we want to be where the Spirit of God is working and abandon our plan. (Ephesians 5:18; Galatians: 5; Romans: 8;)

4) We desire for the Word of God to be understood.

We believe one of the most transforming things in our lives is interacting with the Bible. Each Sunday we dive into the scriptures. We often are studying a book of the Bible and going verse by verse. When we open up God’s Word we do so in a way that we believe is going to help you understand it. We make it interactive. Does that mean you have to participate? No. It means that if you have a question, ask it. There’s no reason to wonder about something when you can ask it on the spot and get your answer. If you have in insight, we invite you to share it. Maybe you know something about this passage. Maybe God has taught you something about it. Share it. It will benefit all of us. Often times someone sharing makes the scripture much more practical to all of us because you are sharing your insights and personal experiences. (Acts 8:26-40; James 1:22-27; Hebrews 4:12)

5) We desire to encounter the Lord in worship.

Music is a great way to pray to God. Sometimes people don’t know what to pray and are intimidated to pray in groups. Through song we pray to God. Some songs are praises about how great God is. Some songs are asking God to do something in us. Some songs are thanking God. In our music sets we will sometimes sing a song many times over. When people visit us for the first time this is something that people don’t get right away. They wonder why we are singing this verse again. We just want to experience God, that’s why! We have found that in repeating verses our understanding of the verses and what we are singing goes deeper into our hearts and souls. We find that it allows us to meditate on the truths of God and as we repeat a verse or chorus we see God differently. It allows us to go deep with God. We invite you to go deep. In a normal music set you’ll see people who are singing their hearts out and you’ll see people not singing at all. At different times the song will drive us to respond to God in different ways. Some are quietly reflecting and praying. Others are singing. Many people move in and out of singing and reflecting. We promise that you’ll experience God if you participate freely in worship and respond to God in the way you want to. (Psalm 100, John 4:23-24)

6) We desire to be a community of believers who use their spiritual gifts.

Every follower of Jesus has at least one spiritual gift. We desire to be a group of people who know the gifts Jesus has given us and use them as God directs us to. (1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, 1 Peter 4:8-11)


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GPS will more often than not lead you to the wrong door, so hopefully, the images on this page will help you find our front door. If you do get lost, please feel free to give us a call and we will direct you.

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