Steve McIlvaine

Executive Leadership Team

Steve McIlvaine became a member of the Church of the Free Board of Directors in 2010. Steve is passionate about helping lead a church that completely submits to Jesus Christ. Steve has seen the Lord move powerfully in his life and desperately wants people to experience that for themselves. For example, a defining aspect of Steve’s spiritual journey was when he experienced freedom from being enslaved to debt, by paying off more than $40,000 of debt using the biblically based Crown Financial model. Through that experience he became a Money Map Coach through Crown Financial Ministries. Steve brings leadership experience to COTF. Steve has co-lead a missions team to Burma; co-founded and lead a Burma Prayer Group; co-led small groups; co-founded and led a ministry serving Burmese refugees living in the US; and has provided Crown financial coaching to numerous individuals.

Steve married his wife, Sarah in October 2009 and loves serving her and growing through the blessings and even the challenges that marriage presents. In February 2012, they had their first baby, Eliza Grace McIlvaine, and absolutely love her! Steve works as a Project Manager for a government contractor and Sarah is a Social Worker assisting individuals with mental illness. Additionally, in 2011, they started a real estate investing business. Steve has traveled to 20 countries in five continents, is an avid Villanova basketball and Philadelphia sports fan, and has been known to dance an Irish jig from time to time.