See To It That The Community Is Holy

September 29, 2013


Hebrews gives us several see to it statements.  While we have spent the last several weeks on seeing to it that not bitter root grows up, now we are focusing on see to it that the community is holy.  God wants his church to live out its identity.  He has made us righteous by Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.  Once we receive the identity that Jesus made us righteous, we should now live up to our identity.  It is a community responsibility to see to it that the community is Holy.  This is the beginning of that series.  In our first message we tackle the attitude that causes us to stumble into sin patterns.  Lets learn from Esau and Jacob about controlling our impulses.

Bible References

  • Hebrews 12:16 - 29
  • Genesis 25:27 - 34
  • Genesis 27:27 - 29