Inclement Weather Policy

Should we have snow, ice, or other bad weather, how do you know if we’re meeting or not? It’s pretty easy. We follow the Fairfax County School System’s Lead. If they close the schools, we are closed for the day as well. Fairfax County decides every day if schools should be open or closed, even Sundays. If the school is closed on a Saturday that does not automatically mean it will be closed on a Sunday. We have to check every day.

How do you know if Fairfax County Schools are closed? Several Options:

  • Posted on
    Posted to the FCPS Twitter and Facebook pages.
    Posted on FCPS cable Channel 21 (Cox Communications, Reston Comcast, and Verizon cable customers only).
    Area radio and television stations.

Do we ever decide to close even if the school system doesn’t?

Yes. We have done that once before where we thought conditions were too bad to ask people to come to a service and we expected conditions to worsen during our service. If we choose to close, but fcps hasn’t listed anything, we will post to the city and our website by 8:30am.

What if I’m not comfortable driving?

There are times where we make a decision to meet. Maybe the conditions weren’t bad when we started to set up for the service. In these instances, use your best judgment. Its not worth it if you don’t feel comfortable driving and we wouldn’t want you to.

That’s great for Sundays, but what about midweek stuff?

Again, our default is to follow Fairfax County Public schools. If they are closed that day due to weather, or if they close early due to weather, we cancel our meetings.

What if the school closed, but the weather is fine, or they just closed because it was too cold for walkers?

There have been a couple of instances where the school system closed in anticipation of something that didn’t happen. If that’s the case, and we decide its okay to meet, the leader of that activity will contact you. If you don’t hear anything, assume it’s cancelled.