Financial Freedom

From time to time we find ourselves in financial need. If that’s you, we offer the following help.

Watch and listen to personal stories of those in our community whose financial life has been transformed by our Financial Freedom class.

Financial Freedom Class – Starting October 4, 2017. Click here for more details

Did you know that the Bible has over 1,500 verses on finances? God has a lot to say on money and how we handle it. If we learn what God says about it, and implement those truths into our lives we will find freedom in our finances.

Don’t worry, we won’t judge you, we’ve been there too.

One of our financial coaches found himself in more than $40,000 of debt. How do you get out of that? Well he took a Crown Financial class and began to learn what God said about his finances. In applying the biblically based Crown Financial model he was able to get out of debt and begin live free from that burden. We want you to know and experience that kind of freedom.

Additionally, another coach of ours is a CPA who is also Certified through Crown Financial as a Money Map Coach, and has a passion for helping others get financially free. We’re here to share how God helped us, and we know He can help you too!

Our Financial Freedom Class combines the Crown Financial Model with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. In this class you will learn the things God says about money. As we learn what God says and embrace those truths we’ll begin to work our way out of debt and get on a solid ground financially. We will also learn practical skills like creating a budget, how to pay off debt quickly, the basics of investing, and so much more.

We offer this class in the spring and the fall. email for more details.