Posted by Rick Reiter

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Date(s) - 11 Jan 2017
7:00 PM - 8:45 PM

Vienna Presbyterian Church

Ministry Night.  Here’s why you should come!

1. Want to know what your spiritual gift is? The Bible tells us that every believer gets at least one spiritual gift.  Do you know how to use your gift?  Many people discover their spiritual gifting by coming to ministry nights.  Many people also begin to learn how to use their spiritual gift at ministry night.

2. Want to practice listening to the Lord? Listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit revolutionizes your relationship with God.  We’ve taught many principle’s about how to listen to God. And we’ve given many exercises.  But ministry night really begins to refine our ability and our confidence in hearing God’s voice.  This is a safe place to practice hearing from God.  It’s a safe place to step out into what you think you’re hearing.  It’s a place where you get encouraged about what you’re hearing from God.

3. Do you want to deepen your connections with other people in the church? Ministry night is for you.  You’ll build relationships and get to know people at ministry nights.  You’ll also experience God deepening these relationships through our time.

4. Do you want to experience God and have Him minister to you? Ministry night is a great place to have God minister to you through other people.  Very often people feel encouraged by God.  Some get direction for things that they are asking God.  God shows up and God blesses His people on ministry nights.

5. Because our church leadership feels its important for our church to live out its mission. Lastly, come, because as a part of our church you’re a part of us collectively meeting the mission God has given us as a body.  All of us growing in our ability to hear God will help us as we minister to those outside our church and as we encourage our brothers and sisters inside the church.  It will also deepen your own personal relationship with God.

Time: 7pm

Where: Vienna Presbyterian Church room 324.

Address: 124 Park St, NE Vienna, VA 22180

Want to meet up with others for dinner beforehand?  Lousie and some others are gathering at Zoe’s Kitchen in Vienna.  Zoe’s Kitchen is about 5 minutes from Vienna Pres.  They are meeting there at 5:45pm.