Marriage Ministry


Pre-Marital Counseling

Want to start your marriage off on the right foot.  We offer free pre-marital counseling.  We’ll cover topics like communication, resolving conflict, managing money together, the gift of sex, and other topics geared towards starting a marriage on solid ground.  We use the Prepare/Enrich program to tailor the counseling directly to your relationship.  You can learn more about the prepare enrich assessment at

Marital Counseling

Are you looking to strengthen your existing marriage.  Every marriage can probably use strengthening.  Whether you just want to do a check-up, a tune up, or a full blown repair… we offer marital enrichment counseling.  Again, we use prepare-enrich to get an assessment of how your marriage is doing currently.  From there, we begin to work with you to help you strengthen your marriage to make it the best relationship of your life.

Couple’s Small Groups

Sometimes the best way to encourage your marriage is to be in a group with other married couples.  While we believe in integration, and putting people from all walks of life into small groups together, from time to time, we will offer a 10 week couples small group to focus on an area of marriage.

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