Community Groups


We know a major reason people join a church is because they are looking for community.

We want you to experience community in our church body.  We also want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to connect and build relationships that will last.

To that end we have set up two community groups that are geographically based.  We believe that people connect best by doing things together. Your first step to building relationships is to join a community group.  Each community group focuses on building relationships, creating opportunities to go do fun things together, and create service projects to minister to the community.  Everyone in our church is in a community group.  Activities are organized at a minimum of once a month and are lead by a team of deacons.  The deacons will get to know you, make sure you have opportunity to connect with people, and help everyone to build better relationships.

Community Groups are about 20-25 people.  Its a low commitment… you’ll be invited to participate in an outing once a month.  If you are looking for a in depth community that meets more regularly, and gets into the Bible, then we have small groups.  These small groups will fall under a community group so that you’re building relationship with the same people and close to where you live or work.  Not sure you’re ready for a small group, or don’t have the time to commit to a small group… community groups let you connect before you join a small group.

Interested in joining a community group?  email and he’ll get you connected.