We are an independent non-denominational Church. But we have developed close relationships with other churches in the area. We believe that accountability is important and we have set up the following leadership/accountability structure.

While Rick, Steve, Dave, and Mike serve as leadership within the church body, The Board of Director’s for A Little Bit of Yeast Ministries serves as accountability for Rick. In addition to that we have sought and established relationships with more seasoned ministers to help guide, direct, and give outside counsel. Serving in that capacity is Mike Minter, Sr. Pastor of Reston Bible Church, John Endlich, Elder at Reston Bible, and Kevin Larrett, Special Assistant to the President’s Office for Campus Crusade for Christ. Pastor Minter is the founding pastor of Reston Bible Church and is giving Rick counsel as we build this, Kevin Larrett has helped plant several churches and served as an elder at several churches through the years. John Endlich has also served as an elder in a couple of churches. He is also the Metro Director for CBMC, a national ministry to business men. We find their experience, expertise, and counsel to be invaluable as we start the Church of the Free.